Patient Services


Medical Shield provides quality medical service when and where you need it.

Care for your kids 24/7

Our Telehealth network of pediatricians can treat children of any age.

Who can benefit from Medical Shield?

Quality Health and Wellness services that fit your life.

  • Unlimited Utilization – Unlimited use of the program services for you and your entire dependent family at a low monthly cost.  Unlike a traditional doctor visit, there are no doctor consult fees or co-pays.

  • Convenience – Telehealth is a high-quality alternative for those with long commutes or long wait times to see their primary care physician.

  • Access – Provide 24/7/365 access to US board-certified Doctors and Pediatricians anytime day or night.

  • Cost – Telehealth is an affordable alternative to costly out of pocket expenses for urgent care and emergency room visits for non-emergency medical needs.

  • Productivity – You can talk to a doctor from anywhere, even while at work, on vacation or on a business trip.

  • Satisfaction – You will have security in knowing an experienced physician is only a call or click away.