Health Record Manager

Access your secure health records from the Internet anytime anywhere and share with any of your health care providers.

Your medical data is encrypted in a secure HIPAA compliant format.

This service provides customers a free electronic health record (EHR) allowing members to access and share their health information wherever and whenever they want.

  • You manage and control your medical records.

    You decide who can see, use, and share your secure information.

  • The doctor reviews your records.

    Before a Telehealth consult, the doctor reviews your medical records so they can provide you with the best quality care based on your health history.

  • The doctor updates your records.

    After the consult, the doctor updates your records.

  • Access your medical information.

    You can access your medical information anytime online and share it with your other health care providers.

  • Take it with you.

    Your medical records are portable and go anywhere you go. If you change doctors, jobs, insurance policies or locations, your data is yours to keep.